We believe…

…that every child should be loved.

We make quilts and send them all over the world to kids in disaster areas and poverty-stricken regions. It’s our little way of making a difference.

Kidz Quiltz is a non-profit organization in Fort Lupton, CO made up a handful of people trying to make a difference in the world.

We have made thousands of quilts and shipped them off to the far corners of the world, including earthquake-devastated Haiti, impoverished Africa  and closer to home – tornado-ravaged Windsor and Holly.

We pledge to provide quilts to children around the world who are in need due to circumstances beyond their control. We believe every child should have his or her own quilt. On the back of each quilt is a “Bible pocket”. When possible, we include a Bible in that Bible pocket for the children. Due to poverty and natural disasters, children worldwide are left to face the elements on a daily basis. We have made it our goal to help them stay warm and to show them love by wrapping them in quilts.

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Loving Kids

We are On Mission to Touch the Lives of Children All Over the World

Hurricane Katrina  (2005)

Did you know that there were more than 5,000 cases of missing children reported after Hurricane Katrina? We sent 1,000 quilts to the region thus launching our ministry. But, 4,000 kids never heard from us. That’s just New Orleans. Can you imagine the entire world?

“Get Your Own” Program

We know that some folks like to simply donate to the cause, and we are so very grateful for them. However, we also have our “Get Your Own” program where you can buy one of our quilts. It is the only one of its kind. Yes, the price is more than what you might see at Walmart, but our mission is much greater as well.

Email us for a current list of quilts for sale at


Here’s a few that we have currently:

Making a Difference

You Can Help

We started with the idea of making quilts to bring comfort to others, and, in turn, we also have been blessed with so many people wanting to help us make this dream come true! We couldn’t have done this without countless hours of help from volunteers and the community and donations of all kinds!

Wllma and Lyle Hamilton, both 76 years old, started the nonprofit in 2005 by making and transporting 1,000 blankets to Hurricane Katrina damaged Mississippi. Just before the disaster, two of their grown children had died unexpectedly, fueling their desire to help others.

“I was very depressed. God gave me another job to do. That was to bless other kids. Hopefully, the kids they never got to help in their life,” Wilma Hamilton says.

Since then, the couple has blanketed 6,000 kids with love and comfort.

Today, the operations are hoping to grow because the need is so great. There are kids everywhere who need to know that they are loved and that God is watching over them.

We encourage you to get involved. There are so many ways you can help.

Call us at 303-857-8600 or email us at

In the News

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Reach out to us today with a need, comment or way that you can help make a difference.